A few days ago, a horrible attack began on the town of Kessab in Syria…

Most people have never heard of Kessab but the attack there is part of a string of attacks by Al Qaeda aligned rebel groups on Christian towns in Syria.The Armenian Christians were driven from Kessab.


Right now, awareness is the most important thing: most people simply don’t know what’s happening in Syria. They don’t understand the stakes for the region and the world : as the New York Times just reported,  Al Qaeda wants to use Syria as their new base of operations.


That means the terror that’s happening in Syria won’t stay in Syria.
You don’t need to be Armenian or Christian to care about this story. Terrorist attacks are equal opportunity destroyers.


Armenians around world–including Armenian-American Kim Kardashian–have spoken up about this horror. It’s bringing new light on the wider story of the religious and ethnic cleansing by U.S. backed Al Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria and the whole region.
We can make a difference. Donate today.  #SaveKessab


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